Prosciutto Wrapped Figs With Blue Cheese Grill Or Air Fryer 5 Freestyle Points 221 Calories 15 Wprm Recipe Rating Wprm Rating Starwprm Rating Star Full Svg Fill Fbd049 5 From 5 Votes

Prosciutto Wrapped Figs with Blue Cheese served on a bed of baby arugula with a light vinaigrette. A delicious combination of salt, acid and sweet.

I’m obsessed with these figs stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in Prosciutto ham! Such a great way to enjoy figs as an appetizer or light lunch. Prosciutto and Figs pair well in salads raw, but when the figs cook, they caramelize and become even sweeter and more delicious.

I tested these figs on the grill and in my air fryer, they came out great both ways! If you want to skip the salad, these would be great on their own served on a platter. I also tested them with bacon, which was also delicious, but to be honest, the saltiness of the Prosciutto really did it for me.

Fun fact–although the fig is considered a fruit, it’s actually a flower that has inverted into itself. Figs are easy to eat, no peeling or pitting. There are many varieties of figs, and most of them sold in the US are grown in California. Fresh figs do have a short season, usually between mid-May through November, depending on the variety. I was lucky to get a shipment of most of these figs from California Figs, and find my favorite to be Mission, which are the sweetest.

Photo credit: Jess Larson